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Potomac Gun Trusts

New ATF Rule 41F Frequently Asked Questions link:

ATF Rule 41F FAQ

​This provides useful information on how to file using a Trust under the new rules.

If you are an Attorney and would like to license my NFA Trust to add to your practice, please contact me.  The NFA community is small and we need more pro-2A attorneys. 

Preserving Your Legacy

A NFA trust, also known as a gun trust, enables you to have legal lifetime control over your firearms and allows you to transfer your firearms to those you designate. My Maryland, and Virginia NFA gun trusts also provide specific guidance to assist Trustees and Beneficiaries comply with federal and state law.  As an added benefit, you can obtain your NFA approval from the ATF significantly faster by using my gun trust instead of going through the process as an individual. 

I offer the same attorney drafted NFA gun trust for other states however they do not come with attorney support due to bar admission rules.  I will send you your NFA gun trust package by USPS Priority Mail after having you fill out information on the form in the designated areas.

This NFA gun trust process is quick and will provide you with the knowledge that your firearms will be handled in accordance with the law.  I am admitted to the Maryland bar and my partner is admitted to the Virginia bar.  Your trust is prepared by an attorney.